Dreams of Being a Rockstar Turned into the Reality of a Record Store

Analog Shop at OC MixHe has played guitar for over 16 years and loves art, music and hard to find collectibles. Meet Alex Forsythe, owner of Analog, a vintage shop specializing in vinyl, turntables and other music accessories. Having grown up in Newport, he was introduced to Portola Coffee Lab and thus, The OC Mix.

Analog is a spot you really have to see and experience to fully eAlexAnalogmbrace. Thousands of records are filed in rows upon rows of shelves and boxes, yet nothing appears cluttered. All is organized and aesthetically pleasing. There are speakers, turntables and headphones all working and waiting for passersby to try out. Alex has also collected and now sells various iPhone cases and coasters too.

The shop’s Facebook page is an informative resource for all customers to track what has shown up in the shop on any particular day or week.

Love & WhiskeyMost recently, Analog teamed up with other Mix shop owners, Mike & Sarah Dowdell, and

opened a listening lounge within their Love & Whiskey shop in Newport. Their

boutique has garnered much attention from locals, including publications such as The LA Times, Locale Magazine and Riviera.
Photos | Courtesy of Analog